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Fiscal Sponsorship

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Los Angeles Filmforum serves as fiscal sponsor for independent, non-commercial films, which allows filmmakers and artists to raise tax-deductible funds to support their projects. There are no application fees, however applicants must be Filmforum members. Please fill out the form to contact us for more information.


** At this time, due to staffing limitations, we won't be adding new sponsorships for several months.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Our Film Sponsorships

  • The Weightless Ventriloquist Saga

    From the maker of the award-winning NOTFILM:
    a series of four feature-length films disguised as a sci-fi TV series that explores the house of mirrors of our unconscious minds, as seen in clips from classic and not-so classic works of cinema. At once fiction, archival documentary, and psychoanalytic session, The Weightless Ventriloquist Saga integrates playful formal experiments in a new kind of essay film that speaks to both the conscious and unconscious experience. The first film in the series, The Case of the Vanishing Gods, is a cultural history of ventriloquism integrating live actors with vintage and artist-made puppets.

  • Over Head

    Over Head will tell the history of the liquid light show that began in 1950s San Francisco, where it spread from art galleries and Beatnik jazz clubs to the 1966 Trips Festival. Fueled by Ken Kesey’s LSD and electrified by the Grateful Dead, it was the light show that illuminated the dancehall with a collage of psychedelic imagery. Its aesthetics became the basis for a new counterculture in San Francisco that quickly acquired a global resonance.

  • Big Jay

    Big Jay will tell the story of Cecil “Big Jay” McNeely, legendary saxophone ‘honker’ and one of the last surviving Rhythm & Blues (R&B) music greats of the 1950s. His shows are incredibly exciting, as his playing builds intensity, the dancers swinging, the band roaring…. and they’ve been that way for over fifty years.

  • Coded Stories

    An indigenous people, struggling to preserve their traditions. An artist, looking to merge the oldest creative traditions and the newest technologies, while calling attention to the indigenous of his native country. The Coded Stories Project will use an artist’s unique work to look at a marginalized group in Chile, while raising issues of loss of identity, globalization, and modernization that affect all of us.

  • Minotaur - Sculpture by Emil Alzamore, Film by Nina Menkes


    A radical re-imagining of the Greek myth, MINOTAUR is set in the contemporary Old City of Jerusalem, with a single man playing the complex figure of Theseus and his nemesis: the Minotaur. The Minotaur symbolizes the violent destruction which terrorizes the area, and the heroic journey here is to confront and transform this negative vortex into an ascending spiritual love…which is, in fact, the deepest inner meaning of the eternal City of David.

  • The Fantastic Flights of Sophie Blanchard

    The Fantastic Flights of Sophie Blanchard is a documentary, currently in production, that explores the life of the first professional female pilot at the turn of the nineteenth century. Voiced by a central narrator and supporting experts, the film combines live-action interviews and animation to portray the extraordinary story of Sophie Blanchard, the Official Aeronaut of the French Empire.