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Past Screenings

  • 4 Turn Titles MX.mp4.00 02 05 10.Still003

    Turn (World Premiere!), by Peter Mays

    Winter 2019

    Winter 2019

  • Black Girl as a landscape

    Black Girl As A Landscape, by Sondra Perry, Screening Sept 13

    Fall 2018

    Autumn 2018

  • Decodings by Michael Wallin

    Decodings, by Michael Wallin

  • Black Panthers by Varda smaller

    1968: Black Panthers by Agnes Varda

  • org3 smaller

    A Tribute to Fernando Birri - ORG - January 16

    Winter 2018

    Ism, Ism, Ism continues, along with visits from Daïchi Saïto, Malena Szlam, Lynne Sachs, Amir George, and more!