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Los Angeles Filmforum is the longest-running organization in Southern California dedicated exclusively to the ongoing, non-commercial exhibition of independent, experimental, and progressive media art.

Filmforum is proud to be in the center of the cultural programming of a city with a rich history of avant-garde filmmaking and programming. Now in our 48th year, we celebrate personal, hand-crafted and non-commercial work. Read more about our various programs, purchase tickets for upcoming screenings, explore our archives, or learn more about volunteering or making a tax-deductible donation on our website! 

Newt Leaders Still

Newt Leaders, by Amy Halpern

Upcoming Screenings

  • DELIRIO GÜERO. 1825, 2018, 2211 y de vuelta, by Nina Höchtl

    Footprints of the Forgotten: Video Works on Immaterial Archives

    Date: Mar 3, 2024 7:30PM
    Location: 2220 Arts + Archives

    Taking Jenny Sharpe’s definition of “immaterial archives” as a departing point, this program showcases a constellation of video works exploring and counteracting the paucity of documented records concerning the lives of people omitted from the archiving process. Commencing with Hande Sever's "To Thread Air", and culminating with Ali El-Darsa's use of water as an allegory of journeys in "The Image Remains the Same", the films unearth formerly disconnected historical fragments.

  • La Région Centrale

    La Région Centrale, by Michael Snow

    Date: Mar 8, 2024 7:30PM
    Location: Billy Wilder Theater, Hammer Museum

    La Région Centrale is a three-hour-long film that calls attention to the mechanics of filmmaking, using a computer-programmed, motorized tripod that rotates the camera 360 degrees in any direction, repeatedly, without dialogue or any other subject beyond the landscape, over the course of a day. The film demands concentration, while its movements become meditative. Rarely screened and if you are willing to engage, the experience is dizzying and technologically sublime. 

  • Luther Price: New Utopia and Light Fracture

    Date: Mar 16, 2024 1:00PM
    Location: 2220 Arts + Archives

    In celebration of Visual Studies Workshop’s publication of Luther Price: New Utopia and Light Fracture, Filmforum is delighted to welcome VSW’s Tara Merenda Nelson to present the slide work of Luther Price, along with 1 or 2 of his super 8mm films.

  • Gaza Ghetto

    Gaza Ghetto

    Date: Mar 24, 2024 7:30PM
    Location: 2220 Arts + Archives

    Rare 16mm screening!  In the first documentary film made in Gaza, Gaza Ghetto (1984) highlights the historical precedents that fuel the current cycles of violence and continue at the heart of the Palestine-Israel conflict. Intimate scenes of family life (a child born, a grandmother dies) in Jabalia, the largest Palestinian refugee camp, are intercut with visits to the architects of the Israeli military occupation. Ariel Sharon, Benyamin Beneliezar and soldiers on patrol candidly discuss their responsibilities.

  • Scott Stark in person

    Date: Apr 2, 2024 7:30PM
    Location: 2220 Arts + Archives

    Details coming soon!