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Melisa Aller: Las instancias del fuego

Melisa Aller: Las instancias del fuego

Melisa Aller

Los Angeles Filmforum presents

Melisa Aller: Las Instancias del Fuego (The Instances of Fire)


Sunday Nov 12, 2023, 7:30 pm

At 2220 Arts + Archives, 2220 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90057

In person: Melissa Aller

Tickets: $15 general, $8 students/seniors, free for Filmforum members

Masks are highly recommended at Filmforum shows - N95 or KN95.

Dedicated to Bérénice Reynaud

Melisa Aller was born and lives in Buenos Aires (1979, Argentina). She is an experimental filmmaker and music composer. She has two degrees, in Political Science and Law, at University of Buenos Aires. And she studied filmmaking and video at CIEVYC. She is specialist in Social and Genre topics. In last fifteen years she has been spent working particularly in the super 8 format, filming and editing all on camera without any intervention from the digital. In 2015, she shot her first feature film “Las Decisiones Formales” about Trans genre identity. This film is edited in camera and chronologically using 22 rolls of film, spliced together.

Aller has presented in Los Angeles previously, at the Echo Park Film Center in 2017.  Filmforum also included one of her films as part of Ismo, Ismo, Ismo: Experimental Cinema in Latin American: Urban Harmonies/Dissonant Cities later in 2017.

Las Instancias del Fuego

Las Instancias del Fuego (The Instances of Fire)

Idea, script and direction: Melisa Aller

Argentina, 2023, super 8mm, color, sound, 62 minutes

Los Angeles premiere!

Film super 8 edited in camera. It was filmed chronologically used 22 rolls of film, which are spliced together.

B&W- 22 rolls of film Kodak Tri X - Reversible

7266 and Pro 8mm color

Camera: Minolta XL 84 & Camera Yashica XL 50

Production: Echo Park Film Center & Melisa Aller

Music: Ulises Conti & Melisa Aller

Recorded sound on stage: Melisa Aller

Starring: Eleonora Paoletti


This film is a secret. It is a letter never sent from Alice to X. Everything is created and extinguished according to the measure of what is bearable. For love, this may be the only theory. War is common to all things and things happen out of sadness and necessity. In the theory of destiny, some stars are our own seismograph, unifying identical opposites. Alice and X may belong to a single complex in which they were not essentially separate.