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The Spaces Between Cities

The Spaces Between Cities

Huntington Drive Segment by Kate Lain, from The Spaces Between Cities

At the Echo Park Film Center!

An exquisite corpse road trip across four continents, twenty one international experimental filmmakers, using a range of analog and digital mediums collaborate on a feature film. Using themes of movement, migration, nature, and culture that circle back on each other, each filmmaker worked near their home in cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Berlin, Barcelona, Seoul, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Newcastle, Ruma, Colliguay, Baton Rouge, Portland and Seattle where the project was formed by filmmaker Salise Hughes for her experimental screening series, EXcinema. Filmmakers are Amy Bassin, Mark Blickley, Stephen Broomer, Charles Chadwick, Pip Chodorov, Konstantinos-Antonios Goutos, Pablo Molina Guerrero, SaliseHughes, Douglas Katelus, Anna Kipervaser, Kate Lain, Insa Langhorst, Jesse Malmed, Milan Milosavljevic, Reed O’Beirne, Arto Polus, Ben Popp, Blanca Rego, Margaret Rorison, Dustin Zemel, Robert Zverina.

Curator Salise Hughes and filmmaker Kate Lain in person!

An Echo Park Film Center screening with $5 donation for all attendees, co-presented by Los Angeles Filmforum

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The Spaces Between Cities