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A Warhol SLEEPover

A Warhol SLEEPover

Los Angeles Filmforum, Human Resources, and Cal Arts
A Warhol SLEEPover

Los Angeles Filmforum, Human Resources, and Cal Arts present a rare screening of Andy Warhol's legendary 1963 debut film, SLEEP, in a 16mm all-night screening.  SLEEP, which runs approximately five hours, has been called a "monumental screen piece" by Jonas Mekas, creating " a powerful mix of intimacy and detachment, of closeness to a living being and a foreboding feeling of distance, darkness, and separation," in the words of critic Fred Camper.

Saturday, November 16, 2013
Doors: 11:59pm
Screening begins: 1:00am on Sunday morning
Screening concludes: approximately 6:00am on Sunday morning

tickets: $10; general; $6 students/seniors

There will be chairs available, but please feel free to bring pillows, beanbag chairs, blankets, etc.
Snacks and coffee/tea will be provided throughout the screening.

Special Thanks to Steve Anker

Sleep 2


1963, 321 minutes, 16mm, directed by Andy Warhol, starring John Giorno

Sleep premiered on January 17, 1964.

Contrary to the notion that the film is a an audaciously static single take of John Giorno sleeping for several hours, the reality of the film is far more interesting and complex.  Warhol actually shot far less than five hours of Giorno, from several different angles, and assembled the finished film by duplicating sequences multiple times.  The final result, though still offering an expected continuity, actually takes us powerfully out of real time - not just through the use of repeated footage and angles, but from the sheer length of the film, and the suspension of traditional tension and expectation that occurs in the viewer over its duration.  It's a one of a kind experience, and not likely to be repeated anytime soon.