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The Bruce Baillie Project

With the publication of a book and a touring retrospective of Bruce Baillie’s films, The Bruce Baillie project aims to share and preserve work that constitutes one of the most influential voices in avant-garde cinema. These efforts will contribute to wider recognition of Bruce Baillie’s films and expose new generations of filmmakers and film lovers in the US and abroad. The international film tour will be launched at the Film Society of the Lincoln Center in April, and will travel to Spain (CCCB, La Casa Encendida, Tabakalera), the UK (Tate Modern), Mexico City (Distrital Film Festival) and many cities in the US including Washington D.C., San Francisco/Oakland, Boston and more in 2016 and 2017. The bilingual book is slated to be published Summer 2016 by Interior XIII and Distrital Film Festival and includes contributions by Steve Anker, Peter Hutton, Denah Johnston, Janis Crystal Lipzin, Scott MacDonald, Richard Peña, Andréa Picard, JP Sniadecki, Ben Rivers and Peter Tscherkassky. The book will also include letters from Baillie’s close friends and great filmmakers, Chick Strand and Stan Brakhage