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Created by Kristen Powers

What would you do if you knew you had a 50% chance of inheriting a fatal brain disorder? What if you were 18 years old and decided to find out NOW if you will develop this disease? What kinds of choices would you make about marriage, children, career, life? Twitch is the first documentary to follow a young person (Kristen Powers, 18) going through genetic testing for Huntington's Disease, a genetic neurological brain disorder that destroys the victim's ability to walk, talk, think and reason, eventually leading to death. Kristen watched her mother lose an eight-year battle with the disease in 2011; she has a 50% chance of inheriting the same fate.

This documentary will follow Kristen as she discovers whether or not she’s inherited the same disease that killed her mother. Kristen’s mum, Nicola Powers, lived with the diagnosis from 2003 to 2011. It will chronicle the emotional, economic, social and medical aspects of undergoing this important test as well as the impact of the test results on a teen’s day-to-day life and future. It will explain the science through interviews with Huntington's disease experts and activists who will provide deeper insight into the complexities and hopes buried in the disease. It will also raise awareness about Huntington's to help reduce the stigma that surrounds this brain disease that affects speech, mobility and thinking. By sparking a national conversation, we can make this generation the last one with the HD.